1) The Rain has been relentless! I have talked to 2 meteorologists which say this week is going to be another wet one and more rain will extend into the weekend. A lot of teams have committed to stay 3 nights in a hotel for the SWAG and I believe that I owe those teams the courtesy of giving them time to cancel their reservations.

2) The demand for this year's SWAG has been way down. I moved the SWAG from the 1st weekend in May to Memorial Weekend with the understanding that the SUPER NIT in Kansas City, along with a couple of other tournaments would be direct competitors for the SWAG. However, I didn't take into consideration that LOCAL TOURNAMENT DIRECTORS would be calling teams off of the SWAG who's coming list, lobbying for them to "jump ship" and come play in "their" tournament. Of course those actions are really a "common" theme in this Metro Area's cutthroat baseball community.

3) I had a vision with the SWAG CLASSIC. That vision included laying the groundwork for a "local" tournament that was able to offer prizes in which you don't see anywhere else in the United States. Also, allowing local teams the luxury to sleep in their own beds throughout a tournament weekend, eliminating a "weekend of travel" for those local teams. Obviously, the SWAG opened the door for the "out of town teams" to come play in the Metro Area on "Oklahoma Turf".

4) Kevin Durant certainly doesn't want his name involved in a tournament in which teams don't want to compete for his memorabilia.

Lastly, if the SWAG CLASSIC is never played again, the tournament itself has accomplished a lot.

Before the SWAG was put together, the prizes that were being offered at tournaments around the Metro Area were "weak" to say the least. The SWAG put the 4 FT Trophy on the map! Later that summer, another tournament was already following the lead and offering 4 FT Trophies in their prize package. Then, the SWAG introduces the Oakleys and 2nd place belts and sure enough, later that summer into the next year, other tournaments were giving away Oakleys, Under Armour sunglasses and championship belts. Oh and then there was the Kevin Durant signed shoe that came in a "display box" with 2nd place still getting Oakleys! And of course now you're seeing Beats by Dre headphones, bats, gloves and all sorts of other really cool prizes being given away at tournaments. Those prizes are being given away because the SWAG laid the groundwork. Everyone would still be competing for the same ole trophy or the same ole ring IF the SWAG had not came along. It forced the hands of other tournament directors to step up the plate. And I ask myself, well who is that benefiting and the answer is - THE KIDS. At the end of the day, the SWAG CLASSIC was put on for the KIDS and nothing makes my day more than seeing a KID SMILE!

I greatly appreciate the teams that have participated and competed in the SWAG over the last 3 years and I'm truly sorry to those dedicated teams that is has to come to and end. I know several teams will be upset in learning this news and I hate it that the "supporters" are the ones that have to suffer, meanwhile the "selfish" just chuckle and go on with their day.

If anyone has any questions or comments, feel free to call or text me at 405-919-3480.